Good morning sunshine! Well, you may not be shining your brightest every single morning. That is why morning rituals are a great way to awaken the senses and allow the mind to approach the challenges of any day with ease and grace. To help you start your day right, I’ve put together several yoga asanas that are ideal for starting the day before you even leave your bed.

Before you begin, remember that breathing full breaths through every posture is key. Remain in each asana for 5-10 breaths. Continuously scan your body for new sensations. During each transition allow the eyes and jaw to remain soft as you gently adjust your body into the posture.

You can practice this routine right away from the bed or roll out your yoga mat and get started.

Here is a list of 8 of the best gentle morning time postures:


1. Wide Legged Child’s Pose – Balasana

Gently stretches the hips, thighs, and ankles.

2.  Reclining Bound Angle Pose – Supta Baddha Konasana

Stimulates the heart and improves general circulation.

Stretches groin, thighs, and knees.

3. Happy Baby Pose – Ananda Balasana

Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees.

Helps relieve stress and calms the brain.

4. Supine Spinal Twist – Supta Matsyendrasana

Stretches and relaxes spine.

Massages the abdominals helping remove toxins.

Promotes healthy digestion.

5. Cow Face Pose – Gomukhasana  with Eagle Arms

Stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, shoulders, armpits and triceps, and chest.

6.  Seated Forward Bend -Paschimottanasana

Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings.

Stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus

Improves digestion.

7. The Wind-Relieving Pose -Pavanamuktasana

Strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Eases the tension in the lower back.

Helps to stretch the back and neck.

8.  Crossed Legs Posture – Sukhasana

This pose is frequently used in meditation and breathing practice. It helps you to relax and calm body and mind.


Begin conscious breathing with the  Three Part Breath – Dirgha. You will bring breath into the top, center and then bottom of your lungs in three parts. Allow the chest and belly to expand, the collarbone is long and the heart is open with each breath.

Next, add the Ocean Sounding Breath- Ujjayi  with the three-part breath, 4 count inhalations to 6 count exhalations. Complete this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes and keep the breath smooth and rhythmic.

Performing these poses and practices each morning will ground you before your feet even hit the ground.


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