Stay Fit

Vacations & Festive seasons are a magical time. Especially with our festive season in India, it’s tempting to eat unhealthy food & throw your workouts by the wayside with the promise to start again after the vacations.

During the Festive season, many of us take time off of work, travel, or are busy hosting relatives or traveling to new places. There are family gatherings and celebrations with friends. Somewhere in there, we do activities like shopping, house cleaning, making new food items, etc.
We may think that it’s too much of inconvenience to keep up a workout schedule and be mindful about eating healthy, nourishing foods.
While taking a few days or weeks off from your healthy eating and exercise routine may not take a huge toll on your strength or physique, but there is something far more important at stake with an extended break: those healthy habits that you’ve worked so hard to develop.
Anyone who has put in lot of work to grow healthy habits knows that it’s not that easy to develop such habits initially. Healthy habits become more stable when we engage in the behavior for longer periods.

Healthy habits, during certain circumstances, may take a bit more awareness and effort to maintain than usual.

The vacations are one example of such set of circumstances. Where we involve ourselves with an influx of treats, eating unhealthy food, and opportunities to skip out on exercise, it’s vital for us to do whatever we can to secure the healthy behaviors that we’ve worked so hard to automate.

So, here are few things you can do to keep those healthy habits intact throughout the vacations:

1. Continue to Exercise, DO NOT STOP COMPLETLY

If you normally workout five days a week, then we suggest you to keep on moving your body at least three days per week during the vacations. Even if you only have 20 minutes to spare, make it count as you can get a lot of work done in 20 minutes.
Furthermore, the objective is to make sure you stay in the groove of moving your body few days a week. Even if you are not going to the gym or following your routine exercise, get outside and take an energetic walk, dance your way or—just do something that gets you moving. (Easy exercises for Mom’s)
Keep in mind, when it comes to exercise, any amount of movement is always better than none at all.

2. Get Some Extra Sleep

When you know that your regular routine is going for a toss, the first thing that you should do is to prioritize more sleep. Go to bed early to avoid any extra stress for few days.

Getting an adequate amount of high-quality sleep is always incredibly important, but even more so during vacations.

Proper sleep makes sure that you are refreshed and energized, and also boosts willpower. You have probably experienced that when you are tired, sugary treats and junk food are tough to say no to. With the intake of treats during the festive season, it becomes vital for you to get proper rest.
By allowing yourself to sleep for that extra time & get additional rest, you will not fall for the temptation of indulging into the treats all around you. These nutritional challenges can be avoided by prioritizing more sleep during the festive season.

3.Continue to Stick to Your Nutritional Diet

A proper intake of vegetables & protein contained diets is essential to stick to. A nutritional diet makes a huge impact for keeping yourself healthy.
I know that when it comes to festive season, you want to enjoy yourself! Just make sure to prioritize protein diet & vegetables at every meal & then have a go at other treats such as sweets & deserts. Enjoy every delicate bite of it.

4.Self-Care is Top Priority

Self-care means taking some time for yourself. It can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of the festive season, and to focus on making sure everybody is taken care of—but remember you. You need some care, too.
Self-care means purposefully taking time to do whatever feels good for you, which may look different for everybody. Make some time to do something that rejuvenates you and allows you to get some peace of mind. This could be five minutes, or five hours, but it’s important that you keep on taking this time for yourself throughout the vacations.
Whatever makes you feel really good, please keep on doing that throughout the vacations. It’s important!
The vacations are a wonderful time, and we want you to enjoy and relish in every magical moment of it. At the same time we want you to understand and respect how much hard work you’ve put into your healthy habits, and we want to help you carry those habits after the vacations are over.

Remember, prioritizing exercise, healthy food, sleep, and self-care through the vacations has nothing to do with calories!

It’s about preserving those healthy habits that you’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy.