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To keep it as simple as possible, Fusion Fitness is:

specially designed program by Curves For Her team. This program is designed for women who don’t like to do the same workout every time they go to the studio. This programme has minimum twelve classes and all classes are different. Routines like Zumba, power yoga, functional, aerobics, Crossfit and Pilates are included in this fitness routine. The intensity of the class is decided on the day of the class depending on the energy and fitness level of the people present. Fusion fitness is designed in such a way that women get both cardio and strength training.

Benefits of Fusion Fitness


Improves blood circulation throughout the body


Helps to lose weight


Keeps anxiety at bay


Helps to maintain good health


Regulates menstrual cycle


Helps to detox and gives glowing skin


Improves flexibility, strengthens muscles and joints


Helps to regulate blood sugar

Get the Spark in Your Life

You Get Full-body Workout

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