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Decode the Right Yoga Style for You

    How do you know if the option you’ve chosen is best for you? This fun and revealing guide can help you pick the right class.     How to Find Your Yoga Style   Step 1: Consider why you practice First, consider your reasons...

5 Reasons Early Morning Yoga Practices Rock

  Yoga is magical and healing no matter what time of day you do it. This article is not meant to discourage you from practicing if doing your practice in the morning is not feasible for you. I simply want to outline some of the many benefits that come with an...

Benefits of Practicing Yoga On a Daily Basis

  If you’re seeking motivation to keep up your daily yoga practice, Here are 15 reasons to get you back on your mat every day.    1. Yoga makes you feel better – simple as that! Approach our Yoga Class with an open mind – you’ll feel...

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