Zumba was created in 1990 by a Colombian Dancer & was quickly transformed into a Dance Fitness program.

Zumba gives you a Healthy Body via Hip-Hop, Soca, Samba, Salsa, Squats & Lunges.


What Is Zumba? & Why you should Start Today:

To keep it as simple as possible, Zumba is:

It is a great fitness program that combines Latin, International, and Salsa music with some amazing and fun filled dance moves. You will find interval training, resistance training, and strength training. There will be slow and fast rhythms alternating throughout so that you can keep burning calories.  A mix of dance moves with exercises very well embedded for you to Enjoy your dance & kick out the Calories. The steps are simple yet heart pumping and fun. Not only will you enjoy the workout but also shed those extra kilos sooner than you can imagine! You can do this alone or make it fun by getting your Family & Friends together. 

Benefits of Zumba

zumba benefits

Zumba helps you to Dance your Way to a Healthy Life.

Hand eye Coordination & other body Coordination gets better helping you to age gracefully.

You will feel your confidence growing with regular Zumba Workouts as you will be happily healthy.

Overall Benefits of Zumba are:

Below listed are the Benefits of Zumba:

Learn Dancing while you workout

Healthy Stress Free Mind

Better Blood Circulation

learn zumba

Feel Confident about your body & Self

Increase Body Coordination

Zumba Benefits Physically & Mentally

Physical Benefits :

• Loose Calories
• Learn to Dance
• Become more agile & flexible
• Increase Concentration & Stamina
• Better Cardio & circulatory Health
• Toned & Stronger Muscles

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Practice Zumba on Daily Basis.

Zumba will get the spark in your Life, which you have been looking for. Since 1990, Zumba is being practised across 180 countries, over 15 Million People.