Throughout the 50s belly dancing was introduced and promoted as amusement for the husband.

Now it is seen as a dancing art form that leads to girls an outlet for both exercise and dancing.

Why You Should Dance More?

You Should Dance Simply Because :

Dance & Burn Exercises will move the Rib Cage & certainly reduce the fatty tissue from the center of the back, upper chest, belly area, and waistline.

Benefits of Dance and Burn

A Direct way of burning off fat from your tummy region.

Erstwhile this dance burns fat through the whole body.

Overall increase in confidence.

Dance & Burn will firstly get you all cheered up & give you a great start or end to the day.

Arm moves will burn off fat from the fatty tissue of the arms as well as the upper back.

With Dance & Burn you will find the way for fat loss as well as physical fitness for a healthy body and energy.

Overall Benefits of Dance are:

Below listed are the Benefits of Dance:

Learn to Dance & Loss weight at the same Time

Increase Diet & Still stay in shape

Feel energized throughout the day

Increase in Confidence & reduce Mood swings

New way to release stress

End of day get sound sleep

Physical Benefits :

• Good Weight Loss without heavy equipment
• Better Athletic Performance as a result of Better Stamina
• Better Cardio and circulatory health.
• Toned & Stronger Muscles.
• Become more agile & flexible

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Dance on Daily Basis.

Dance & Burn Exercises will move the Rib Cage & certainly reduce the fatty tissue from the center of the back, upper chest, belly area, and waistline. Abdomen activities of abdomen rolls, undulations, and flutters will certainly reduce fatty tissue and help flatten the abdomen region. Hip movements will generate heat through the body as well as burn off fat from the buttocks and thighs. The Journey moves from activate legs and leg motions will increase the heat index during the entire body. Belly dancing is pleasant to many females plus they’re willing to dance the night away.

As the body modifications several ladies start to wear gorgeous costumes and maintain their attractiveness by eating far healthy nutritive foods for their physical stature. A combination of belly dancing regular activities, wearing exquisite costumes, eating healthful nutritional foods, and support and reassurance from fellow dancers assist ladies to focus on their desired weight reduction as well as physical fitness by actively participating in this dancing artwork. Belly dancing is a dancing by women, with women, and for females. It celebrates all that’s feminine and for that reason it brings women together. This dancing allows girls to be at their best as they share mutual feminine pursuits with some other females.

Women attracted to this dancing are more than happy to assist other women to advance themselves. Class room instruction is opened with warm-up exercises like Pilates, Hatha yoga, or numerous calisthenics and stretch movements. These are preparation exercises prior to starting dance. Middle East music is just played to prep emotions, mood as well as pace, perceptions, and psychological transition into another dancing culture. There are videos, DVDs, Online directions, and TV educational courses available from personal teachers or learning organizations. There are private or individual teachers available for home instruction.

Losing excess body fat is carried through by the dancer due to her openness to practice and dance for longer sections of time.


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