Aerobics is one of the oldest forms of Dance & Exercise combo that started in Canada.

Like other exercises, Aerobic Exercise helps to strengthen your heart and lungs.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that makes you sweat, causes you to breathe harder, and gets your heart beating faster than at rest. It strengthens your heart and lungs and trains your cardiovascular system to manage and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently throughout your body. Aerobic exercise uses your large muscle groups, is rhythmic in nature, and can be maintained continuously for at least 10 minutes.

The cardiovascular system is made up of your heart and blood vessels e.g., arteries, veins, and capillaries that transports blood throughout the body. Aerobic refers to how your body uses oxygen to sufficiently meet energy demands during exercise.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Improves your circulation and helps your body use oxygen better

Increases energy

Increases endurance, which means you can work-out longer without getting tired

Helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease

Helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes

Helps reduce body fat

Helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight

Helps reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and depression

Improves sleep

Practice Aerobics on Daily Basis

Aerobics along with others exercises helps you maintain your body & health as the Low to High intensity routine ensure you are always on Top of your game. Aerobics needs to be a party of everybody’s life style.